Jealous Wife Bites Off Husbands Mistress Finger

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Cheating is probably the worst thing a man or woman could do within a serious relationship or any relationship, really. Upon being caught cheating, most people end the relationship, are hurt for quite some time, and eventually move on with their lives albeit with some trust issues in the future. However, one wife took things a step further.

In the midst of a street brawl, one woman launched herself at her husbands mistress. The wife had discovered her husband had been cheating just before the fight took place. The other woman ended up being a family member, which made it even worse.

The fight, which took place in Quatieri Spagnoli, Naples, resulted in emergency services arriving shortly after the wife bit off the mistresses finger. Police broke it up, and the victim who is now missing a finger was transferred to the local hospital.

There has been no word on whether or not the woman has been charged with anything or who the cheating husband may be, unfortunately.