Stephon Marbury Claims Air Jordan’s Made In Same Factory As His $15 Shoes

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Retired NBA All-Star and now Chinese Basketball Association point guard Stephon Marbury is drawing criticism after claiming his affordable line of basketball shoes are made in the same Chinese factories as Nike’s $200 Air Jordan series.

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In 1996, Marbury released a line of inexpensive basketball sneakers with now-defunct Steve & Barry’s. They were called the “Starbury” and retailed at only $15, a far cry from the $100 or more licensed shoes that many basketball stars attach their names, players like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, or LeBron James. Marbury’s motivation behind the release was because he grew up unable to afford Jordans and expensive sneakers and he wanted an affordable option for lower income kids.

Now, nine years later, the Starbury’s are making a return to shelves. After the announcement, many took to social media to disparage the business move, claiming they wouldn’t buy these reissues.

But that’s when Marbury overstepped.

To truly understand, you have to realize that Air Jordan “sneakerheads” are very defensive about their purchases of $200-a-pair basketball sneakers that seemingly offer nothing more than a pair of $50 shoes (or maybe $15?).

Avid collectors of Air Jordan shoes are unhappy with the insinuation that Marbury’s inexpensive brand might possibly be made in the same place as Nike’s coveted sneaks that cost half a paycheck and cause seemingly rational human beings to stand on line outside for hours for a retailer’s doors to open.

Marbury should be praised for offering a sneaker like this and calling out the business of sweatshop labor. Nike and other manufacturers have willingly been making their shoes overseas for decades. Get over yourselves sneakerheads. You’ve been overpaying for a shoe made by children for decades. Marbury isn’t telling anyone anything new.