The Greatest Sports Rivalries In The World

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Competing in a sport is no game. It’s intense. The competition is fierce. Emotions can run high. Reputations are on the line. So it is no surprise that intense rivalries can develop between players and teams. As a loyal fan watching in the stands or on TV, you can get just as emotional and excited as the players you’re watching. Imagine your team is about to wallop their biggest rival, when out of the blue, someone on the other team makes an insane play, shot, catch, or hit. Game over! Your team just lost! Go ahead, scream. Arrrgh! It didn’t happen. Impossible. You’ll be talking and arguing about it for weeks. And that’s why the greatest sports rivalries are the greatest shows on earth.

Which of these sport’s rivalries have you been following?


Lakers v. Celtics
Rivalries don’t get any bigger than this one or last as long.
It all started when the Celtics and the Lakers faced off in the 1959 NBA Finals. Since then, the two teams have battled 12 times to decide the league’s champ. The Celtics won nine of those meetings, but the Lakers won three of the last four. The rivalry was the most intense in the late 80’s when Magic Johnson and the Lakers faced off against Larry Bird and the Celtics. These two teams have won a 33 out of 69 total NBA championships. Amazing! The Celts won 17; LA 16. The rivalry continues.