This Is What Happens When You Let An Old Bottle Of Vermouth Sit For 80 Years

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When you forget about an old bottle of something way up in the cupboard, the results are usually less than pleasant. But if you’re lucky, you’ll sometimes come across something that’s creepily beautiful in its fermentation.

Redditor mvv_10 found this old bottle of vermouth (an Italian liquor) hidden away in the cupboard of his grandparents’ house.

Judging by the looks of it, that bottle is probably older than he is.

This is what the inside of the bottle looked like when he pulled it down off of the shelf.

It looks like the fermented liquor eventually solidified into layers of material.

Turning it on its side, you can see each of the fermented layers.

Not that I would drink it (or eat it at this point), but you can bet that this is probably close to 100 percent alcohol. Just saying.

(source: Reddit)

So do you just throw it out, or do you wait and keep fermenting it to see what happens? I’m not sure which option would be less gross.